Choose from full height, tier-on-tier or café style
depending on your interior, light and insulation requirements.

Café Style

Invented for the tea rooms & coffee houses of the 19th century. Our hand made Café style shutters are expertly designed to cover only the lower half of your window - offering reassuring privacy without blocking all the light or completely covering period features.

Why we love Café-style shutters…

• Let in plenty of natural daylight, even when shutters are closed

• Available with louvres or solid panels

• Practical, cost effective & excellent value for money


With two independently operated sections, the clever design configuration of Tier on Tier lets you maintain your privacy, while still allowing light and air to flow into the room; the best of both worlds - making it a popular choice for London living.

Why we love tier-on-tier shutters…

• Perfect combination of privacy and light control

• Top and bottom sections can be adjusted independently

• Best option for ultimate flexibility

Full Height

The classic, traditional plantation shutter design. Our full height shutters are crafted as a single panel, running from top to bottom of the window.

Why we love full height shutters…

• Louvres in top & bottom sections can move together or independently

• Ultimate option for security & noise reduction

• Suits all window styles and custom shapes

We come from a carpentry background & believe in a sustainable future.
To reflect this, we now offer all engineered FSC hardwood shutters
for the same price as uPVC - across our whole range!

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